Back Office Processes

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Diagram 1: Diagram to illustrate the chain of events leading up to an online purchase:

Diagram 2: Diagram to illustrate the chain of events that an online purchase triggers:

Diagram 3: diagram to illustrate the information that flows into and out of the organisation and between areas/departments as a result of the ecommerce process:

Customer locates product they want to purchase.

Customer clicks ‘add to bag’

Apply stock Code to customer account so link is set up between product and the account.

Use product code to get data about product.

Get data from cookie placed on PC about items previously being added to basket

Has customer ordered any more items previous to adding this item?

Display product data about item(s) on basket page

Does the customer change the quantities of any items?

Display changes

Update cookie with quantity changes

Increase/decrease quantity number by the quantity amount chosen.

Does the customer delete any items from the bag?

Delete save data of this item from cookie

Update display with item that has been deleted not shown

Does the customer delete any more items from basket?

Does the customer continue shopping?

Customer confirms these are the items they want to buy selecting ‘go to checkout’

The sign in screen is displayed as secure entrance to the transaction process

Is customer a new customer?

The Customer signs in by entering their email and password in the ‘new customers’ box

Customer clicks continue and the account creation page is loaded.

Customer enters all personal details and click ‘I agree’ and then click continue.

Does customer enter all mandatory information?

Display at the top of the page that the customer needs to enter the fields he missed out or entered incorrectly

Basic account is now saved to system including data just entered

Next page is displayed securely

Next page is displayed securely

Customer Click continue

Has the customer entered payment details before?

Show user the payment page

Customer enters credit/debit card information and clicks continue.

All data relevant to this order is placed on the summary page.

Customer clicks ‘place order’ and ordering process is complete.

Orders office receives order from customer

Is credit/debit card details valid?

Save order with a created order number (for reference) on pending order database

Send customer an email to confirm that their order has been placed

Check that credit/debit card data given is all valid

Send email to customer informing them that their card has been rejected and their data must be either changed or payment made by a new card

Has Customer changed card data?

Wait until pending orders database has new data

Is credit/debit card details valid?

As payment method is valid, send order to stock

Are ordered items listed on the on stock database with correct amount available?

Place order number on pre order database

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