Babysitter and Nanny

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Differences between a Babysitter and a Nanny

Ruth E. Jones

ENG 121

March 29, 2011



There are many mixed emotions from parents as to who watches their

children while they are either working or away on business trips. Knowing the

differences, recognizing the purpose of the need and the time frame of the need is

very important. In this paper, we will discuss the differences between a babysitter

and a nanny. It is hoped that your decision will be an easy one to make.

When planning your schedule for working everyday or extended stays away

from home, the first question to be considered is the safety of the children. While

working everyday, do you wish to leave them with a babysitter? They are

independent contractors in the childcare service industry. Babysitters typically

work out of private households, but may occasionally work in hotels, office

buildings, churches and other community facilities at clients request. Babysitters

provide temporary childcare for a predefined period of time and follow immediate

instructions provided by the primary care provider, such as dietary needs and

bedtime routines. Babysitters remain on-site until the return of parent or guardian

and watch over children while they play.

When a babysitter is employed, it is on an as-needed basis. The need for a

babysitter comes from a situation in which the parents rely on other caregivers

(such as a day care) or themselves to take care of their children’s day-to-day needs.

Babysitters are not hired to be on call to take care of the children exclusively on a

daily and indefinite basis. When parents have a special outing planned, they usually 3

call a babysitter to take care of their kids for two to several hours at a time.

Multiple babysitters can and often serve one household. Parents who use

babysitters typically have more than one phone number in the event that one

babysitter is not available for the time they need her.

Considerations are included with obtaining a babysitter such as: The Internal

Revenue Service (as of 2009) require taxpayers with household help to pay Social

Security and Medicare taxes if the household worker’s annual pay is in excess of

$1,700. Households that hire nannies also are subjected to the same rules. Some

families also provide benefits, such as health insurance and paid vacation time, to

their household workers, but payment of these benefits is not required by law.

Now let us compare the use of nannies. Both a nanny and a babysitter are

employed to take care of children, beyond that the similarities in the scope of

their job descriptions end. From pay structure and taxes to activities and the

amount of time spent with the child, a nanny and babysitter serve their functions

based on the circumstances of the parent's finances and availability. A nanny is

employed when parents have very little time to devote to the day-to-day needs of

their children. This situation can arise when both parents have demanding jobs or

when one parent has a demanding job and the other parent has difficult time

handling multiple children. A nanny is employed to spend time taking care of a

child in every circumstance that arises when parents are unavailable at any time.


This can occur on every weekday, on prescribed weekends or evenings. The nanny...
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