Outline the Current Legislation for Home Based Childcare

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  • Published : July 22, 2012
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Outline the current legislation for home based childcare
Produce an information sheet which clearly outlines the current legislation for home based childcare

More than ever, Child protection is a topical issue. That’s why many years ago the British government, aware of the fragility and vulnerability of children to adults, has implemented a number of laws relating to children and young people in the UK. These laws are made to define the inherent right of children, and also to define the implication of their rights for all those responsible of or using any childhood services; but more specifically what we will see through the legislation concerning the rights of children, is how they may impact the work of childcarers, how they can allow them to set the road of good practice. And to make it easier as the laws relating to children are so numerous we will focus only on three of the most influential ones. These are:

1. The Children Act 1989/ 2004

This Act from 1989, updated in 2004, is the most influential of the several laws relating to children, because is all about how children are treated. To keep sure that people will be aware about children’s needs and will meet them, the government introduced: The Children Act 1989. This Act exposes in 12 main sections all children’s issues. The principal view of the act can be told in one sentence: children’s needs are paramount! This implies that the main focus of a childcarer should be identifying the needs of children. What does need means? Needs means something requires because it essential or very important rather than just desirable. And as Home based Childcare (2010, p.142) points out ‘Rights are like needs. They are basic things that we must have or be able to do in order to live a healthy and secure life’. And that’s the reason why is so essential like Home-Based Childcarer (2010, p142) highlights ‘that all home-based childcarers protect and promote those rights’.

The other reason why this Act...
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