B2P Case Study

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  • Published : July 28, 2012
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B2P Case Study

Dr. Sharpin recognized the need for a fast, portable, and small testing solution that would deliver results in the field. As she started her project she had to decide which market would prove to be the most lucrative for her product: Australia, North America, or Europe. Though Dr. Sharpin began the project in 2007 in New Zealand, ultimately it was clear that she had to exploit the US and North American market.

The 2007 media coverage of E. Coli and the market environment in the US, led Dr. Sharpin to choose the North American terrain. At that time, the end consumer was extremely concerned about E.Coli O157:H7 in beef. The concern of the end consumer created an opportunity in the market as food distributors recognized the need to take reliable and expedient action. Dr. Sharpin was able to seize the opportunity presented by the E. Coli crisis since she recognized that by saving time in the testing B2P could be very successful. B2P’s system eliminated the need for a skilled technician, and also eliminated the need to send samples to a lab and then wait more then 22 hours for results, the field testing allowed for immediate and reliable results.

Moving forward, B2P faces a few major barriers to market entry. The first is as an unrecognized new company will ultimately be faced with an uphill battle to build a reputation. Further, there are advantages to sending samples to labs instead of to B2P, one of these key advantages is that a lab can give a full profile of the pathogens present instead of just finding out about E. Coli. Recognizing this, Dr. Sharpin’s expansion plan must be niched and should clearly target those distributors of perishable food that cannot wait for test results.

The barriers to entry for B2P can be overcome by applying a concentrated focus on what they do best: save time in E. Coli testing. By doing this, B2P can focus on selling and distributing the product to those consumers who do not have the time to get a sample...
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