Away by Michael Gow Character Analysis

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Meet the Character
Tom: Tom is a very talented actor with the potential to go far with his acting. “You’ll be our next Chips Rafferty eh, son”. He and his family moved to Australia from England 8 years ago and there not the wealthiest family but there certainly the happiest family. His acting and certainly his family are important to him. Tom is quite defensive, and criticism towards his family concerns him and doesn’t make him happy. Tom has a great relationship with his parents as he gets on great with them, he gets on well with Meg but he cares for her more than he lets on. “It’s from the bottom of my heart, actually” Tom doesn’t really get along with Megs mum Gwen. She’s quite rude towards Tom and his family and that makes Tom really defensive. [Tom runs back in. He has heard this] “I hope you have a rotten holiday”. Meg: Meg is an open minded and smart young girl; she is very accepting of others and is also very appreciative of what she has ‘That’s really nice. That’s really nice of you’. Meg values her family, but doesn’t understand why her mother acts in certain ways or makes certain comments ‘You were awful’ , she highly values her father and cares about Tom, but not as much as he does about her ‘Well… I still wish I got you something’ Gwen: Gwen is married to Jim and is Meg’s mother, her and her family are better off than most and she isn’t afraid to show it as she is quite a snob. She likes to live and have a more luxurious life than others and likes to point it out as well. “We got a new caravan. Everything in it you could want” Gwen seems to care about herself more than anyone else. [Gwen and Jim come in] “You were supposed to hurry, not stand round yapping. There are a million things to do. I’ll have to do it all, I expect” Gwen’s only real relationship is with Jim. Meg and Gwen seem to be quite annoyed with each other and there seems to be a lot tension between them. Gwen doesn’t get along with most people as she rubs them the wrong way but she cares about her family most. “Have a lovely time in your…tent” Jim: Jim is a positive person always praising others when they do well ‘You’ll be our next Chips Rafferty, eh, son?’, he also tries to keep everything calm and under control ‘We’ll find them. Don’t get upset’. He is dedicated to his wife Gwen and daughter Meg, he gives us the impression that he wants to give them the best lives they could have. Jim is friendly and kind to everyone and seems always supportive in what others do, ‘You look lovely though, Mags’. Vic: Vic is a very supportive and happy person ‘But we did enjoy it. Very much. You should be proud Mr Baker’. She and her family and not the wealthiest but she appreciates everything that she has ‘Oh… no. Not exactly. We’ve got a tent’. Vic is proud of her son Tom and happily married to her husband Harry, she is friendly to everyone and see’s the good in them, ‘You were marvellous’.

Harry: Harry and his family came out to Australia 8 years ago and haven’t seen much of the country, ‘8 years. Not a lot of it, no, not yet’. Him and his family aren’t the wealthiest ‘A lean-to?’ and can’t compete with other families but they still appreciate everything they have. Harry values his family and does his best job at giving them the best lives he can give them; he’s appreciative of them which makes them a much happier family. Harry is kind to others in every situation and tries to keep peace, ‘Congratulations, son’. Coral: Coral is a mysteries character who keeps to herself’ [Coral doesn’t respond]’. It appears she is suffering from a case of depression, ‘She looks awful, poor women’ while overcoming something that has happened to her son. She is supported by her husband Roy, but Roy is not the best supporter at times. Coral is quiet and hasn’t built many strong relationships with others as others are trying to with her ‘Did you enjoy the play? [Coral stares at her for a moment then looks away’.] Roy: Roy is the principal at Meg and Tom’s school. He is a...
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