Autobiographical Essay on “the Life as a Small Business Thinker”

Topics: Television station, 2008 albums, High school Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: November 19, 2012
I was born in 1978, and started my life-education when I was at 5 years of age in a USM kindergarten, Penang. I grew up in Penang, had an ordinary secondary education in two schools (SMKA Almashoor and St. George’s Girls School), which I find two different cultures in both schools. While in an Islamic school, we were thought all the essential Islamic values which (I think) made the most of who I am today. Meanwhile being in St’ George’s Girls School, a multi-cultural school, has developed me into a self-confident woman and motivated in life and what I do. Most of this essay is a series of vignettes from my professional life, in chronological order. This is the story of my life, with an elaboration of what I think is the point of it all; my personal assessment of what I did and why I became a marketer. At the age of 34, I was beginning to re-think all the decisions that I’ve made through my life and all the “what ifs” question that was not answerable up till now. For weeks, I have been contemplating and have faint urges to pursue more in life, and get hold of one most important thing in my life: graduate with a MBA in my hand!

When I enrolled to UiTM, the decision to major in broadcasting was something I did not take lightly. I was sure of the decision I made without knowing the after-crisis that I might face later on. I spent 4 years of my life majoring in Broadcasting, and was enjoying college life as much as I could. I was always fascinated by the world of broadcasting and all its stories. It’s impossible for me to pin-point when I first became interested with broadcasting as it has been there for as long I can remember.

I was lucky enough to land a 6 months practical at a production house that had given me exciting insights in the world of broadcasting. I remember going back to class from the 6 exciting months feeling enthusiastic about life, work and all the people that I have met in the industry. The months of hardworking, fast-paced industry were what...
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