Audit Rotation: Pros and Cons

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  • Published : August 17, 2012
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The subject of this assignment revolves around first, concise analysis of a case study titled “Strategic HRM at Mayo Clinic”. In this section (A), requires an understanding of strategic human resource management, through analyzing the extent to which the organization culture, business strategy and management approach in the case study display features of strategic human resource management. The second section (B) of the assignment is concerned with the notion that employees are a source of competitive advantage in the context of strategic human resources management. I have linked the theoretical Knowledge I have on competitive advantage to the real world, through explaining the reasoning behind the notion. In addition, I shed light on the importance of strategic human resource management in an organization Introduction

This assignment is aimed at highlighting the impact of human resource strategies on achieving organizations objectives. It focuses on Team building, recruitment and selection, organizational culture, business and organizational strategies and human capital as a source of competitive advantage. Human capital is one of the firm’s intangible assets; it is basically all of the competencies of the people within an organization. These competencies are various skills, education, experience, potential and capacity. It is believed that if the company knows how its human capital contributes to its success, it than can be measured and managed effectively.

1. Human resource (HR) strategy is aligning the goals of HR to the goals or strategy of your organization (plaaaaaaaa). In developing a strategy two critical questions must be addressed. 1) What kinds of people do you need to manage and run your business to meet your strategic business objectives? 2) What people programs and initiatives must be designed and implemented to attract, develop and retain staff to compete effectively? In order to answer these questions four key dimensions of an organization must be addressed. These are: Culture- the beliefs, values, norms and management style of the organization. Organization- This is the structure, job, roles and reporting lines of the organization. People- The skill levels, staff potential and management capability. Human resources systems- the people focused mechanism which delivers the strategy, employee selection, communications, training, rewards and career development.

-Mayo clinic has an HR strategy that recruits medical professionals with different specialties and has a deliberate policy of running a medical college to teach and prepare future doctors in line with their organizations goals. -The clinics HR strategy encourages team building. In a team oriented environment everybody contributes to the overall success of the organization. -The clinic has people programs and initiatives that are designed and implemented to attract, develop and retain staff to compete effectively such as the research departments whose motto is “to bring the bench to the bedside” and the Mayo college of medicine that teaches and prepares medical professionals. -The clinic encourages a work culture that teaches their professionals to understand that the patients needs come first; this makes the patients feel that they are properly being looked after and trust the staff. -Mayo clinic has an organization structure that encourages cooperation, integration of job roles and communication. This seems to be a horizontal organization structure. -The HR strategy at the clinic seems to have earned the clinic a good reputation, this is vital in today’s competitive world. 2. It seems Mayo clinic has a successful employee reward strategy that has enabled it to retain its staff and create an atmosphere of team work rather than competition. This in my opinion can be achieved by a salaried remuneration without including a lot of incentives. The HR team at the clinic promotes the culture of team work by making the employees...
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