Au Revoir Mrs.Williamson

Topics: Management, Training, French people Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: December 26, 2011
Au Revoir Mrs.Williamson
Case Questions

1) What are the key problems you have identified in this case (List and briefly explain).

a) The characteristics and skills of the two managers

* Mrs. Williamson is more likely to be an X Generation while Georges is a kind of Y Generation. * Mrs. Williamson is not a univercity graduted person while Georges has graduated from a high prestigious univercity. * Mrs. Williamson seems to be more analytical and detailed oritented while Georges wants to be * Mrs. Williamson seems to be the wrong ExPat for a position that has to work in a joint ventured company in Paris.

b) Cross Cultural Problems.

* Although Mrs. Williamson was doing a perfect job in London, she couldmt continue the same level of success in Paris.

2) What do you consider the most important critical of these problems? Why?

* Lack of Proper Cross Cultural Management seems to be the major problem. Because it is possible but not easy to change the skills and characteristics of a person. Here we see that although Mrs. Williamson is a perfect kind of manager in London, it is obvious that she is not the person to work in Paris with a younger and more educated man than herself. We can also include organizational culture difference between the two companies also in that part too because the values that Mrs. Williamson believes in (being ethical, polite to colleagues etc.) do not match with the values that Georges believes in (just focusing on work and do not care about the people, very much result orientation). Although it is not directly written so, I believe since they are valuable managers in their home companies, their characteristics also represent their companies.

3) What issues do you see as contributing to this problem (List and briefly explain each be specific).

* Cross Cultural Training
* If Mrs.Williamson had taken a cross cultural training she would (at least) know the major...
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