Lockie Leonard

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Lockie Leonard Legend demonstrates how different characters can resolve similar conflicts using different coping skills. The conflicts faced by the characters and their final resolutions promote certain values, both from the character�s point of view, and the author�s. Lockie & Sarge are viewed as conscious characters and perceive the seriousness of the situation in the novel. Foregrounding and privileging are utilized in Lockie Leonard � Legend in the instance of Nan & Pop, by positioning them as negative characters in the novel. In the opening paragraph, the general theme of the novel is set by introducing the author�s use of dolphins as a symbol of the importance of family. The shark may be considered as an omen, a representation of Mrs Leonard�s sickness. Throughout the novel, the author creates the characters, in a way that promotes the values of family and how they must stick together to survive. Lockie is the main character, a kid who lives in a small coastal town and his mum has to go to hospital suffering from stress and Lockie has to take over her household duties. He not only misses his mum, he�s confused, and feels guilt that maybe he and his family caused her illness. On top of this he is overwhelmed by the job he has to take on � stepping in on the role of his mum. An example of this caring nature is in the chapter, Lashings of Toast (pg 27), when he looks for something for dinner when his mum was acting unusually. This sets the tone for Lockie�s behavior and character throughout the novel. This shows the responsibility and maturity on Lockie�s part. Instead of doing his own thing, he prepares dinner for his brother and sister, and then organizes Phillip to clean up while Lockie puts Blob to bed. Lockie does this because he is concerned about how his mum is acting and he is trying to alleviate the situation. As Mrs Leonard�s husband, Sarge has a somewhat similar conflict to Lockie, although there is a little more to it. Again, his...
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