Au Revoir Les Enfants Essay Questions

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Charlotte (Kayla) Chambers
French III - 5th

Au Revoir, Les Enfants Questions

1. When Jean and Julien first meet, Julien threatens Jean to stay away from him. Jean was shy when he first arrived, and he was afraid to really talk to people. As the story goes on, Julien got more and more curious about whom jean Bonnet really was; so he started to talk to him by just saying a sentence or two to hi every now and then. They really started to develop their friendship when they got lost in the woods together while playing a “boy scout” game, and they get “arrested” by a couple of Nazi soldiers. When Julien invites Jean to eat lunch with him and his family, Jean really started to trust him more, and began opening up to him; thus starting a great friendship.

2. Julien and Jean have many things in common, but they also have many differences. Julien is an outgoing and fun-loving boy; he is friends with almost everyone in the school. Jean, on the other hand, is a slight introvert; he is constantly picked on and is usually seen reading a book alone. They both are very intelligent and make very good grades; they are each other’s competition in class. They both have broken homes, even if it is for two very different reasons. Their dads are never around, Julien’s is always at work and Jean’s is in jail.

3. School during this time period was very different than modern times. Students used to be required to live at the school year round, except for holiday breaks when they got to go home. They used to have all core class taught by the same teacher in the same classroom. They were expected to keep up with all of their homework as well as their bible studies. They, also, did not have much of a schedule to keep; the teacher could switch subjects on their own accord.

4. Throughout the story, Julien gets more intrigued by Jean and decides it is time to do some “investigating.” When Julien is putting something in his locker, he decides to snoop around in Jean’s locker....
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