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Topics: Motor control, Psychology, Attention Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Limited Attentional Capacity Essay

In our daily lives, driving is a daily part of our culture. Texting is also a big part of our culture. The problem lies when people of our culture do texting and driving at the same time. Also, athletes are affected by concussions, which have a correlation to driving. Important factors that are involved while driving are reaction time, coordination, and control. This “Acc Anaylsis Prev 2007 Cog distract” article is about a hands on test to record the mistakes the test subjects make when they perform the No Task, easy cognitive task, and difficult cognitive task. This mainly measures the driver’s visual behavior. The trend of the easiest test, No Task, has fewer mistakes and the reduction in vision was minimal. The easy cognitive task had even more mistakes than the No task test and the reduction in vision was at average level. The difficult cognitive task consists of the most mistakes and the reduction in vision was fairly high. The “JAT 2011 reaction time athletes” article is about checking an athlete’s reaction time after a concussion. Reaction time is the measurement of the time needed to prepare a response. The reaction time should be impaired after having a concussion. Also the test-retest reliability method will be administered. This will give a certain amount of measurements that will give off the average reaction time of the athlete. Coordination and control would have some involvement with this article. Your coordination is when your degrees of freedom are processed into patterns of movement to achieve a particular goal. For example, the coordination that is used while driving from location to another. Each time a person do certain movement patterns familiar to him or her to get to their desired destination. Your control manipulates variables within a movement to reach a quota of a given situation. For instance, texting requires you to perform a fine motor skill to respond to whomever texted you. Driving, which is...
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