Atomic Mass

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Unit 2 Lecture Study Guide

1) What are the parts of an atom? Where are the subatomic particles found?

a. The parts of an atom consist of protons, electrons, and neutrons.

b. The subatomic particles are found in either the electron cloud, or the nucleus. The electrons are found in the electron cloud, which circles the atom, and the protons and neutrons are found in the tiny nucleus of the atom.

2) How does the Atomic Mass # differ from the Atomic #?

The atomic mass differs from the atomic number by the fact that the atomic mass is composed of the total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus, and the atomic number is the number of protons found in the nucleus, and is identical to the charge of the atom.

3) What is an isotope? Give an example (show how it is an isotope).

An isotope is a form of the same atom that differs from the original atom in atomic mass. The charge of the atom will remain the same, but the atomic mass is changed because the atom has a different number of neutrons. For example, there is such a thing as carbon 12, carbon 13, carbon 14…etc. These are all the same element, but they differ in mass, making them isotopes of carbon. Carbon always has 6 protons, and therefore these different forms of carbon each have an added neutron in their nucleus.

4) Compare and contrast the 3 basic types of chemical bonds and give an example of each.

The three chemical bonds are covalent, ionic, and hydrogen. A covalent bond is a bond between two atoms that share a valence electron. An example of this is the bond between two hydrogen atoms, and an oxygen atom. This combination of atoms joined by two covalent bonds

5) Why is pH important in Anatomy?

9) Name the 4 main Organic Molecules in Biochemistry. Describe each one, and provide an example. What are the “building blocks” of each molecule? For example, protein = Amino Acid.

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