Atm Theft

Topics: Personal identification number, Smart card, Credit card Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Let me ask u first; do u have a credit card? some of you already have bank accounts and credit cards, some of you anyway are going to have because its necessary for life and business. So today I want to tell you about ATM cheating .I found one of the ways of cheaters to take your money from credit card using ATM machine. So I want to present it to you and warn against it. Today or tomorrow u can be a next victim of ATm cheating • On the first slide you can see next to the ATM machine a man who seemingly performs operations on his credit card bill. • In fact, he puts in the ATM reader a special plastic web - a "loop", which "catches" the card of the next visitor. • ATM Machinations - is a risky business, so thefts do not do this job alone. • On this slide we can see a visitor at the ATM, in which recently was put a "loop". The customer inserts his credit card in ATM and begins to make operations. • The card is in ATM. The customer is wondering, and asking himself: "Why did the ATM take my card?" And then there is a "well-wisher," which is suitable to help. • We can see how cheater pretends to be trying to help. In fact, he wants to find out from the Customer his PIN code because now he has his card. • . Kind cheater convinces the customer that he can return his card, if he enters his PIN at the same time with the "well-wisher," clicking on "Cancel" or "Enter". • After several unsuccessful attempts, the client is convinced that the card is confiscated by the ATM. The client and the "well-wisher," left. • Making sure that there is no one around, the cheater returns to the ATM and takes out the card.

• Having the bank card and PIN number, he goes away, taking $ 4,000 from customer's bank account. • A catch (a "loop") is made from a piece of black plastic web, which cheaters like to use in their frauds, because it has the same color as the card reader slot of the ATM. • How to fix the catch?

The catch...
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