At Risk Youth

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  • Published : May 20, 2011
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At-risk Youth

At-risk youth face more serious and critical risks than any other previous generation. According to the NRPA definition: “at-risk youth are youth who are, or have the potential to be, influenced negatively by family, environment or peers and social factors that deter positive mental and social growth.” Also could be those who are in lack of financial resources or do not have the ability to affect a positive change within their environment, family or economic status. As well as the absence of a positive, caring role model, parents or others defines an at-risk youth. The majority of journals, sites, magazines and books all define that an at-risk youth has a lack parental guidance, positive role models, and finances, no stability and a violent environment. People reefer to inner city kids that live in poor neighborhoods as at-risk youth. Are they however really more at-risk then any other youth in this world?

Drugs, alcohol, sex and violence are prominent in almost every area of the United States. I believe that single-parent homes, dysfunctional family units and other social issues have no boundaries as to who they affect. That is why I agree with an article off of that implies that any child that grows up in this world regardless of social or economic status, financial resources, environment or number of parents in the household is in some way “at-risk”. The article states that at a very early age children are being exposed to sex, drugs, violence and everything else harmful and alarming in the world in some fashion or form. These children will know someone who smokes cigarettes or marijuana, drinks alcohol or has sex. Some parents will in fact do everything in their will to raise their child right and the child will still make poor decisions.

Because an at-risk youth can prominently be any child or teen in this world there is no specific classification as to whom is an at-risk youth. They can be either sex,...
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