Hsm/230 Youth Growing Up in Urban Communities

Topics: Youth, Young, Ageism Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Youth Growing Up In Urban Communities Need Support

Shirene Cirino- Mosley


Prof- Robin Van Kirk
University Of Phoenix

Youth Growing Up In Urban Communities Need Support

In urban communities today, many youth fall short from what is really needed to grow up and live a successful life. This is due to the fact they are missing much needed guidance and support from their parents and families. Many youth grow up in single parent homes, which the majority of times the single parent is the Mother, having to work to take care of the family and the children fall short of adequate supervision and guidance. This causes the youth to get into all sorts of situations that may lead to many issues or problems. Such as, dropping out of school at a very young age; getting involved in gangs, drugs and all sorts of malicious behavior. Another reason youth get into problems are there is no real or enough activities for them to stay preoccupied so that they will not fall to the streets for something to do, and if there are programs for the youth to attend the price for them are very high and most likely the parents or guardians cannot afford them, so this leaves the youth out with nothing to do. Another reason why the youth in urban communities are not doing so well they say they feel disconnected, in a study by a Cornell researcher say they feel disconnected from their community. The reasons for this come, in part, from feeling discriminated against by unknown adults on the streets, in businesses and by the police. The young people also report feeling disconnected from their schools. The older the students, the less connected they say they feel. “Many young people in this study believed that they were individually and collectively invisible to many adults and adult systems," said Janis Whitlock, a Cornell research associate reporting her findings in her doctoral dissertation....
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