At Least One Parent Should Remain in the Home Until the School Years for Normal Development of Their Child

Topics: Developmental psychology, Human development, Cohort study Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: September 11, 2012
At Least One Parent Should Remain in The Home Until The School Years For Normal Development Of Their Child Is Parental Care Better Than Childcare Centres
In today’s highly competitive society, parents are increasingly pressured to quickly go back to work after the birth of their child, (Cohen & Bianchi, 1999; Crosby & Hawkes, 2007) in due of the need for financial stability. This is of particular interest as previous evidence suggests that returning to work within a year of the birth is particularly associated with negative outcomes for children (Brooks-Gunn et al., 2002, as cited in Journal of Social Policy, 2009). My essay will weigh the ideality of parental care or childcare based on the circumstance of the family situation. Essentially, one parent should stay home only if most circumstances are in favour of him, her or both to do so.

If a parent has no yearn or feels incompetent to care for their child, they should have the liberty to choose to place their child in a childcare. If forced to give up work, this can increase the feeling of incompetency and hence increase the chances of them falling into postpartum depression which can cause negative impact on a child’s development (Stubblefield, 1998). Parents facing financial difficulties or single parents have no choice but to work to provide for their child. It is only practical for them to send their kids to childcare. Childcare can be beneficiary and compliment parental care (Hansen & Hawkes, 2009a). Childcare professionals have experience and are often more knowledgeable than a first time parent. Playing with other children helps to improve a child’s social skills as do childcare programmes with their cognitive skills (Hansen & Hawkes, 2009b). On a more superficial level, assuming that parental care and childcare brings about comparable development, having put a child in a childcare and the parent at work increases the workforce productivity of the country as well as generate more...
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