Against Working Mothers

Topics: Mother, Family, Parent Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Fatima Saucedo
Mr. Lewton
English 101
6 December 2012
The Value of Stay-At-Home Moms
 Now days, many people tend to look down at stay-at-home moms rather than working mothers.  This happens to many women, making it more difficult for them to choose between their children or work.  For the first time in twenty-five years, the percentage of mothers returning to the workforce has fallen from fifty-nine percent in 1998 to fifty-five percent in 2000 (Adrienne Fox, Jan. 2002).  This shows that women have more of a lifestyle choice rather than an economic choice.  For mothers, it is a hard decision to make, but staying at home with their children is a better choice.  Children need the affection and attention of their mothers. The reason I am against working mothers is because it is important to have a motherly figure during growth, as children behave better, and daycare is not the appropriate substitution for proper motherly care.     Stay-at-home mothers also have the privilege of enjoying their children’s “firsts”.  Their first steps, their first words, and their first haircut.  Experiencing these “firsts” while giving them praise and encouragement will induce children to feel secure and wanted.  According to Dr. Laurence Steinberg, a professor of physiology at Temple University in Philadelphia, good parenting helps lower the chances for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, antisocial behavior, alcohol and drug use.  No mother would want their children growing up with a higher chance of these disorders or behaviors.  Having a mother at home brings daughter and son to mother relationships closer, not only physically but also emotionally as well.  Infants who receive enough attention ... from a loving adult right from the start are more likely to succeed socially and emotionally (Betty Holcomb)     It is risky for infants to be away from their moms for more than twenty hours per week.  Psychologists claim babies who are separated from their mothers may...
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