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This is report is on Asus. This Report tells about the Products, Strategies, and Financials etc.| |


Organisational structure

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* ASUSTeK Computer Inc commonly known as Asus is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

* ASUS, the world’s top 3 consumer notebook vendor and the maker of the world’s best -selling and most award winning motherboards, is a leading enterprise in the new digital era.

* Asus was ranked No.1 by the Wall Street Journal for best quality products in Taiwan.
* Its products are desktops, laptops, mobile phones, monitors, motherboards, servers, tablet PCs and video cards.

* In 2011 23.2 million pieces of motherboard and 19.6 million notebooks alone were sold.

* Asus received 3,886 awards worldwide from different media and profession rating institute in 2011.

* Total sales revenue in 2011 was Taiwan Dollars 350.1 Billion Equivalent to 12 Billion United States Dollar.

* Asus appears in Business Week’s "InfoTech 100" and "Asia’s Top 10 IT Companies" rankings, and it ranked first in the IT Hardware category of the 2008 Taiwan Top 10 Global Brands survey with a total brand value of US$1.3 billion.

* ASUS also produces components for other manufacturers such as Apple Inc * (iPod, iPod Shuffle, MacBook), Alienware, Falcon Northwest, Palm Inc and Sony Computer ( Playstation 3 ) .

As of 2009 Asus had manufacturing facilities in Taiwan (Taipei, Luzhu, Nangan, Guishan), China (Suzhou), Mexico (Ciudad Juárez) and the Czech Republic (Ostrava). The Asus Hi-Tech Park, located in Suzhou, China, covers 540,000 square meters

* Asus operates around 50 service sites across 32 countries and has over 400 service partners worldwide.

*  ASUS won 4168 awards in 2012

* ASUS was recognized for its Energy Efficient Product Design at the 2011 ENERGY STAR Award Ceremony thanks to the Super Hybrid Engine and Green LCD technologies.

Products *  Asus product portfolio includes

Laptops Tablet computers Mobile phones  Personal digital assistants (PDAs) | |
Servers  Computer Monitor   Motherboards Graphics cards | |
Sound cards   Optical disc drives Computer cases Computer networking devices| Computer components    Computer cooling systems|


ASUS is the number one manufacturer of motherboards in the world, commanding almost a 40% market share of the motherboard business. Today, one in every three computers houses has an ASUS motherboard. Over 24 million motherboards were sold in 2008.

* Some models of motherboard even have a market share of about 70% of world like motherboard used in the Intel X79.

* ASUS has been voted the world’s “Best Motherboard Brand” for six consecutive years by readers of Tom's Hardware Guide (THG), a widely-read and respected hardware review website.

* It is believed that every three out four laptop sold has a Asus motherboard.

* Over 24 million motherboards were sold in 2008 alone. Asus are looking to sell about 25 million of motherboard in 2012.


* The Eee PC Netbook Was the first laptop of Asus and was launched in October 2007 which has garnered numerous awards, including Forbes Asia’s Product of the Year. Stuff Magazine’s Gadget of the Year and Computer of the Year, Best...
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