Assisgnment 2

Topics: Learning, Person, Knowledge Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: January 27, 2013
The four different types of learning are the following: Practical Context, Personal Context, Experiential Context and lastly, Idealistic Context. Each context is different because each individual is different. The first context was what Sara used, Practical Contexts. Practical contexts means this type of person wants to learn how to learn things to cope with real life. These types of learners like to know the things they are going to learn will benefit from later on in life. Chris was a Personal Context learner. These individuals use goals as their motivation. They see what they want laid out in front of them and take whatever steps they need to reach their goals. Fred is an Experiential Context learner; these individuals like to incorporate there past life experiences with their new learning efforts. Lastly was Jamie, she used the Idealistic Context learning. These persons love to learn about everything and anything. They go beyond what the requirements are for classes. Experiential Context is the type of learner I resonate the best with. I resonated with all of them on some level, but experiential fit more. I use past experiences every day. Wither it is for school or personal experiences. Using experiential learning helps me because I have always been a good student and coming back to school, I find myself remembering the same steps I took in the past for the present. Experiences have molded all of us to be the people we are today, many of us have learned from past mistakes and made us better people. However, many people forget these mistakes from the past and repeat them. I try to use these mistakes as learning lessons and see how I can gain better experiences from them. In the learning environment, I take past study habits that I know work well for me and I am doing them again. I also know from past experiences how procrastination can sneak up on me, and how it affects my cram effort for completing assignments. I am learning how to break out of past efforts...
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