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Assignment on Shipping Industries

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Submission date: 04 March, 2012

The shipbuilding industries have huge possibility in the world market and it will be the leading sector to earn foreign currency in our country. The shipbuilding industry is expending day by day in our country. It produces/makes different types of ship for our country at the same time the industry is added in the field of export and earns lot of foreign currency. Meanwhile there are 25 ships exported in foreign country. Shipbuilders industry assumes that if government help/patronize them it is possible to earn 10000000000 dollar within 10 years. The government has already declared that industry as “thrust sector”. Anonda and Western marine are the most leading ship building industry in our country which launched their business respectively in 1983 & 2001 and they involved in exporting product in 2008. They export ship in Europe, Pakistan, Finland, Holland, Denmark, Maldives, German and Mozambique especially in Europe has huge demand. Product Detail

At present near about 200 small and large shipbuilding industries exist. Among them 5-6 industries have international standard. Amanda shipyard and slip ways (ASSL), High speed shipbuilding, Dhaka dockyard and engineering works, Western marine, Khan Brother’s shipbuilding Ltd. and Karnaphuli shipyard are the leading shipbuilding companies that make ships for foreign buyers. Country’s shipbuilding companies make passenger vessel, mpc vessel, pilot vessel, tanker, multipurpose cargo, ro ro ferry, ferry etc. Statistics of export development bureau in the 2011-2012 financial/fiscal year first 6 month therefore July-December Bangladesh earned 2 core 24 lack dollar by exporting ships. Current financial year targeted that amount/export revenue 25 Crore 60 Lac dollar. With big conglomerates like Rang Group and Meghna Group also invested heavily in this sector. Shipbuilding is poised to become the biggest foreign earner after garments in the next 5-7 years. This is exactly the kind of diversification BD needs at the moment.

As like as others industries, shipbuilder Industries has some opportunities to include in foreign market and earns lots of foreign currency. Those are following - * There are many experienced engineer and shipbuilding worker worked in abroad recently returned in home country because they can find our shipbuilding business expansion as boom. * Bangladesh had become a natural destination for shipbuilding because costs in other countries had become too high. * For economical crisis the layoffs in other countries are a gain for us. It's win-win, shipbuilding industries are benefited from their knowledge abroad and they get a decent salary at home. * Top global shipbuilders are not interested in making smaller vessels that weigh less than 20,000 dead weight tonnage because of high labor cost and shrinking profit where Bangladesh has an advantage. * Unlike the controversial ship breaking industry, shipbuilding is environmentally safe, and could help the poor nation of 144 million people become a middle income country. * As it grows, dozens of other industrial sectors such as painting, furniture, steel and electrical equipment also grow. * Shipbuilders have estimated that some 55 percent of the world's small ships are aged over 20 years, meaning they need to be replaced within the next few years. They think Bangladesh will be the largest beneficiary. * local shipbuilders are doing...
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