Assignment on Business Law

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  • Published: April 18, 2013
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Assignment on Business Law

Topic: Identify the food product (Maggi 2-Minute noodles), Cigarette (British American Tobacco Group), Electronic good (Symphony mobile phone) are safe or unsafe under the Consumer Rights Protection Act 2009.

Submitted by: Group-5

NameID. No.

Muhammad Shahreer Imran (L)100206007

Md. Masud Rana100106002

Naguib Jahan Shafi100206014

Md. Akhlas Hossain Subuz110106019

Surma Akter Mili100206003

Submitted to:
MS. Shirajum Munira Lecturer
Dept. of BBA
Green University of Bangladesh

Date of submission: 11 December, 2011.


Research of food item (Maggi Noodles)

Research of cigarettes (British American tobacco group)

Research of electric good (Symphony mobile)

Introduction: Nowadays, the rest of consumers around the world are seeking and using the products that are not harmful or unsafe. They want such things as safe. For this reason, the government of Bangladesh has established The Consumer Rights Protection Act 2009. Under this act, harmful elements are strictly prohibited in the production of any commodity and every product must be examined and certified by the BSTI (Bangladesh Standard Testing Institute) and also the ISO (International Standard Organization) for some specific products. As our goal is to identify the products as safe or unsafe under The Consumer Rights Protection Act 2009, firstly we will discuss about the criteria of the stated act and then we will investigate the particular products by following The Consumer Rights Protection Act 2009. In this case, we would like to mention the criteria of a safe product under The Consumer Rights Protection Act 2009:-

• The products...
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