Assignment: Incident at the Schoolyard

Topics: Bullying, Police, English-language films Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Incident in the Schoolyard.Teachers point of view:
Teacher: Mr. Clean Your Ears.
On Tuesday 6th of March,
A teenage girl had been stabbed during school, after a fight broke out in the schoolyard. The Police detectives are investigating the incident, in which a group of five boys understood that the victim’s parents will press charges to the bullies, stabbing the victim with a pocket knife. The principal said that it was and an appalling incident and that next time if the girl is getting bullied is she will need to tell a staff member. Staff will be taking more action if there is another incident like this again at the school. Police said the stabbing had happened around 2pm on Tuesday afternoon.

One of the students points of view:
Student: Robbie Madison.
On Tuesday 6th of March,
A group of boys were out of class while I was in my science class. The girl was in tears, the group of boys were picking on her and where harassing the poor girl on the football oval. I began to watch what was going on from the classroom window. Then one of the boys pulled out a pocket knife and holds it right in front of her. The teenage girl was shaking and frightened. I had told my science teacher that the teenage girl was in trouble and needed help pronto! But my science teacher wasn’t listening to me so I went out of class and got the principle. Not long after I had told the principle what is happening on the oval, she had been stabbed. I got one of my friends to call the police and got the other to call the ambulance. The police where asking my friends and I questions about what had happened to the girl. The teenage girl got stabbed around 2pm in the afternoon. As we ran to the oval the girl was just left there still breathing but in so much pain. The teenage girl got airlifted to the hospital straight away. The groups of boys were missing at the oval. The police had found them in a local swimming pool, swim. After that day I was awarded with a $750.00 award I decided...
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