Saturday at the Canal Analysis

Topics: Fresno, California, San Joaquin Valley, Fresno City College Pages: 3 (743 words) Published: May 15, 2011
Saturday at the Canal

Title- It makes me feel like lonely, spending QT time with myself.

Paraphrase- I was hoping to be happy when I got to seventeen,
School is a DO in my acitivity list.
An obnoxious tuba was playing at noon beacuase our,
Was going to win. The teacher wanted,
To understand so much. The hallways were,
Full of bad and dirty students. Thus,
A friend and I sat near the water on Saturday,
Weren't talking much, just chillin' out.
Throwing big rocks at the dusty ground,
Because San Fransisco was only a picture,
hanged on a wall. We wanted to go there,
At the same time as the last migrating birds.
And be with people that knew really life.
We dont't drink and smoke,
But our hair was shoulder length, wild then,
The wind blew hard and everything was and felt,
very lonely. We wanted to get out of there using any tool,
That can achieve this.
The years frozed as we sat in the bank.
Our eyes followed the water,
While-tipped but dark underneath, racing out of town.

Connotation- The symbolic choice of choosing Saturday, as the day in the poem, makes me think that the poet wants to give an extra to the poem. Saturday is the day that is culturaly used to party out and have fun, but this teenagers, are not. The poet gives you a sensation of lonelyness. Also, the phrase used, by the poet " San Francisco was a postcard on a bedrrom wall" makes you feel a sensation of unreacheble. That phrase makes me feel that San Francisco is only a dream or something they know they can't be.

Attitude- The speaker and poet's tone seems to be a tone full of desire. Desire to be someone new, a desire to be somewhere they are not in. Desire to be have something else.

Shifts- The patter of the speaker's tone changes, due to the ambition or the desire of somehthing new. The speaker changes with not much excitment, but as the poem passes, you can see the excitment, created by the desire of, being somewhere...
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