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Executive Summary
Given the rich cultural depth of the Castle brand in South Africa, Castle Draught can present a very unique through the line marketing opportunity. There are however Castle brand constraints to overcome and opportunities to leverage.

The constraints that need to be de-emphasized are perceptions related to low cost (cheap) and old-school (not trendy), body-effect (gas and hang over) and taste (the notion that a drinker must first acquire a taste for the beer). This substantially drives away new drinkers in favour of retaining the existing customer base only.

In de-emphasizing the constraints, they must be decisively replaced for Castle Draught with substantial alternative consumer oriented appeal. This repositioning is radical but not without risk, however a mediocre intervention will yield an inevitably mediocre result. To some extent the risk will be mitigated by a trusted and strong underlying mother castle brand. The competition is fierce and the on-going subject of raging debate in drinking circles. Competitor offerings must be taken head-on. Draught such as Heineken and Windhoek enjoys an appeal similar to Coca Cola in its pervasiveness and intensity, and therefore presents a very serious sustainable challenge.

Castle Draught as a variant to Castle Lager has not enjoyed sufficient differentiation in its initial launch. It is proposed that it be re-launched with substantially revised context and stunningly differentiated impact. Accordingly, the “untouchable” assumptions must be revisited within a conservative framework of retaining base brand identity and embedded brand strength, as well as the existing customer base; the proposed alternative appeal are the following Taste (controlled reduction HOP content and extra filtration to enhance smoothness) Brand markings (Slightly larger size with hologram surface differentiation) Bottle colour (marginally brighter)

Brand identity –whilst traditionally most emphasis has been on the roots and tradition in SA, this has other historic political connotations considering the intended target market being the young black male and the brand identity must be exploited and further leveraged and moved out of the closet into the open to take on the other brands directly. Castle Draught scope as a product must be re-viewed to consider repositioning as a more premium brand for South Africa and selected other countries.

A substantial and pervasive intervention is required to support the radical and sustained re-launch as follows: 1. Revitalise (brighten) bottle colour (From brown to dawn glow, brand markings, taste and cost with specific deliberate change to a soft luminous green glow in the dark. (Glass luminosity is available from technical perspective) 2. Create refreshing slogan material: Your Draught from your Castle; Dawn of Draught etc. 3. Identify and establish synergy with trending jet setting material for the target market. 4. Identify and leverage exclusive synergistic industry and sport affiliation for the target market with the objective of driving loyalty and brand first mention in an attempt to capture the below the line marketing initiative for the beer industry in a conclusive and sustainable manner. 5. Establish a trendy mobility platform for smart phones leveraging gaming, synergistic companies, and advertising and customer surveys to advance below the line marketing at relatively low cost 6. Leverage young set celebrities for role modelling.

7. Re-define the distribution model to fully exploit the channels that have currently emerged as winners (Counter sales no doubt has the highest convenience and access –billboard support and even uniforms and T-shirts for higher volume customers are likely to take...
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