Assignment 1

Topics: Skin, Blog, Supergroup Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Assignment 1b: Promotional text
1. Product and target public:
Collagen moisture filler day/night Cream is a new product from L’Oreal Paris– a large global cosmetics and beauty company. It is the face cream for aging skins. The product is particularly for modern middle-aged women 35-50 living in big cities in Vietnam. Coming from middle high-class with a leisured life, these women consider skin care as an essential daily habit. They spend much time in going to massage and facial spas to retain their beauties. Word count: 75

2. Packaging text:
Today, the liberty of enduring beauty is an irrefutable woman’s right. With the mission of supporting that freedom, Collagen moisture filler day/night retrieves the natural youth to your face. The cream will astonish consumers by its effectiveness. With essential nutrients and intense moisture, it can increase the resilience and the smoothness for your aging skins. Its light and pure aroma can relieve your anxieties and pressures, evoking your feeling of love, refreshment and happiness. The special feature of this product that refines and perfects your skins is Collagen – a form of combination of peptide proteins. This component can whiten and brighten your face as it rubs out all impurities which make the skin surface worse and older-looking. With a standard mixing formula, the cream rejuvenates your skins by supplementing the amount of Collagen lost for years. Thus, it can slow down the aging process with no more wrinkles, crow's feet and sagging skin. Each time you apply Collagen moisture filler day/night Cream is the moment it helps to conjure up your visions of the youth. So please do not worry anymore once this product belongs to you. Spas will be the places you come for rest, not for need. The natural beauty and the radiance with smiles on the woman’s face is the motivation for us to keep researching and improving skin care products. Indulge and refresh yourself with Collagen moisture filler day/night Cream...
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