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Assignment #2: exploring oceans & ENERGY issues
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Based on readings and video clips assigned for Short Exercise #2– Exploring Oceans & Energy Issues, answer the questions below. Remember to answer all portions of the question asked and abide by the length requirements specified below! Also, please don’t forget to name your dropbox submission appropriately!

Important Reminder: When you find additional sources on the internet, please remember to cite these new sources appropriately! In this class, you should follow the APA Citation Style. Please refer to the library’s summary of the APA standards for how to cite using the APA guidelines:

1) What did you learn from “The Tipping Point” video? Summarize this video, highlighting at least two new facts you learned from watching this video. (2-3 sentences) I learn about how the human do with the ocean. Human make lots of chemistry things in the ocean. Those things make lots of problems of ocean.

2) What is a dead zone and how does it form? Define the phrase dead zone and provide a step-by-step explanation of the formation of a dead zone. (3-5 sentences) First the water with nitorgen auto tailpipes flows into the ocean. Second, the plume of nutrient-rich water enter a warm surface layer over denser, colder saltwater. And the layers do not mix. Third, nutrients fuel blooms of microscropic plants.

3) Why is there a dead zone at the mouth of the Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico? Outline the reasons for the Gulf of Mexico dead zone, playing specific attention the role of human activities in this coastal issue. (1-2 sentences) I think in the Gulf of Mexico the human active more in that place. There many factory in that place. So those cause the dead zone.

4) What impact(s) does overfishing of top...
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