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Topics: Birthday, Happy Birthday to You, Positive psychology Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Good Morning to one and all present here. I am Shivangi Goswami of Class 8 A standing before you to conduct today’s assembly. One man with courage is a majority. This famous quote was said by Thomas Jeffery, meaning one man who has courage can do anything and is capable enough to do any task at hand. So friends today the theme of our assembly is courage. The one who has the made the world, the one who has made us and the one who has blessed us with all our abilities is none other than our Almighty Father. So to acknowledge him for his deeds and blessings, I would like to call some of the boys of our class. Thank you for your acknowledging world. The love, affection, respect and devotion for god cannot be expressed only through words. To thank god in a wonderful way I present my class with the choir. That was indeed melodious. A class without a teacher, a flower without petals and a day without a thought is incomplete. So Nabin and Niharika are here with a charming and delightful thought on courage. Thank you Nabin and Niharika. N for north, E for east, W for west and s for south. All these letters together makes the news. So to update us with the latest happenings around the globe, I call upon our young reporters Harpal, __________and____________ with the news. Thank you Harpal, ___________ and __________. Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is important than fear. To through some more light on the assembly’s theme Courage, may I call upon Swaraj for the special assembly speech. Thank you Swaraj. Birthdays come once in a year. So we should celebrate it enthusiastically. May I call upon all the birthday students at the center stage as it is time to wish them a very happy birthday. On behalf of Class 8 A, I wish all the birthday students a very happy birthday. May I call upon our class teacher for making some announcements. Thank you madam.

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