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(Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, I am Chaitali from BBA 1ST YEAR, and I am Rithul from BCA 1st year we welcome you to our most awaited event ZEAL-enriching life with positivism. We would like to welcome our chief guest Mr. Mohan Vast, Guest of Honor – Dr. Vilasrao Kadam, our director Dr D. Y Patil, hod Vaishali Patil, our teachers and all my dear friends.) - R {I extend my gratitude to our valuable, inspiring teachers and all my dear friends for honouring us with their presence in this beautiful evening of celebration and felicitation.

Bhartividyapeeth institute of management and research was established in 1984 to cater the needs of corporate India by providing quality education in management and IT. It has cultivated a new breed of professionals in management and it takes holistic and integrated approach of the operations thereby providing effective solutions.} -C

We can never say or do enough to express our gratitude to our ever helping ,cooperative and affectionate management so we would like to present them with a bouquet of flowers as a token of gratitude and respect

Today we have as our Chief Guest Mr. Mohan Vats ………………………………….Profile

{WE also have our guest of honor Dr. Vilasrao Kadam………………………………… Profile}

(Now I would like to request our esteemed Director Dr. D.Y. Patil to felicitate our Chief Guest Mr. Mohan Vats.)

Thank you sir

Now I would like to request our Director Dr D.Y Patil to felicitate our Guest of Honor Dr. Vilasrao Kadam

Thank you sir

I would like to request our HOD Mrs. Vaishali Patil to felicitate our very own Director sir

Thank you mam.

Zeal implies strength,vigour,creativity and an enthusiastic spirit which views life as a celebration.

" Your Zest For Life"
" Your Zest For Life"
You swum the channels of love
trying to hold onto your life.
Looking for your courageous strength from above.
Your zest for life kept you moving
In a constant direction that was soothing.
There were millions of you, that didn't survive
But your zest for life kept you in stride.

Your zest for life is a constant desire, deep within your heart Because of the opportunity of a brand new start.
Life's labor pains was not all in vain.
Because you emerged a crying infant
And things will never be the same.
 Your zest for life ,a will to live and loving parent in the end. Stood standing, waiting with a baby blanket in hands.

We would now like to commence this function with our traditional auspicious lamp lighting ceremony so I would like to request our Zeal Convener Mrs . Jyoti Kharade to escort the dignitaries to light the holy lamp.


[Academic awards]

[Cultural awards]


“The one who quits never wins and a winner never quits”

“Winning isn’t everything but the will to win is everything”


Now we will start with our award ceremony. For this I would like to request our Chief Guest Mr. Mohan Vats to kindly come on the stage and award the students.

Then Call Guest of Honor

Then Director Sir


Education is a journey from unknown to known, from darkness to brightness, from pain to joy, from ignorance to bliss. It is a journey from birth till you leave this world and in this journey there are many milestones that passes by, some started this journey and they have reached a milestone, now they are ready to go out, excel and add more feathers to their wings. They have learnt to fly and are waiting to touch the sky.

Yes, we are talking about our final year students who have completed their splendid journey of this graduation programme and setting us an example before us. We are about to give them the final salute and compliment them with the luck which they will make for themselves by their potential , determination and motivation.

For awarding the mementos we would like to call upon …………….Chief Guest Mr. Mohan Vats

Then call Guest of Honor Dr. V.J....
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