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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Name Daniel Sedano Period _______________
ASM High School Tennis Assignment- Skill Analysis
Your assignment:
1) Identify the skill you have chosen to analyse. I will use serve skill because I think is the one I do best 2) Download your video from the teacher drop box (Y:/Mr. Anderson/Tennis Assignment) 3) Download the instructional video for your skill from the drop box that is relevant to your skill. 4) Search the internet to find an instructional video of your own, pertaining to the skill you are analysing. Copy and paste the link here: 5) Analyse your performance by answering the following questions: i) How does your technique differ from the advice given in the videos? For me is easy to not drift the ball as high as the said. I don’t bent my knees a lot. ii) Why do you think your technique differs from the videos? For example, if you are not following through on your forehand, why do you think that is? iii) Are there any parts of the skill you are performing well? When I hit the ball I hit it well and strong iv) Which parts of the skill do you need to work on? I need to practice in drift because it hard to me 6) Create a drill that focuses on the specific flaws you have listed in question 5 part iv.) Explain the drill in detail- you may wish to use diagrams or pictures to make it clear. Please note that you will be asked to run this drill in class. If you wish to, you may use your classmates as part of your drill. 7) Fill out the reflection on the rubric. (Page 2 of this document) Provide a grade out of 8 and a short justification for the grade you feel you deserve. 8) Email the assignment to Mr. Anderson ( before the start of Friday’s class. Please come prepared to share your drill! Due date: Friday, October 26th (In...
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