Topics: United States, Federal government of the United States, Japanese American internment Pages: 6 (1938 words) Published: March 1, 2013
1/ compare and contrast the similarities between the Chinese and Filipino immigrant communities, with regards to their linguistic cultural backgrounds and their communal lifestyle in America.

Chinese and Filipino went to America for find job because they are from poor family or farmer. They are all young man and want to make money in American and go back to their homeland. They can’t bring woman from China and Philippines because America government doesn’t allow.

First, Chinese people come to American from Guangdong and Hong Kong. Guangdong and Hong Kong have different way go to American. Also in Guangdong have different parts. Guangdong people go to American have to sign contract and work hard, but they don’t get paid because they got trick from contract (they have to pay ticket go to American by ship and the ticket so they got stuck in America). They work like salve in America. Most of them die from work in Hawaii because America tries to punish them. Hong Kong has orientation to worker want to go America. They have good system like health test, ticket credit (borrow money to paid ticket go to America). Guangdong wants to come America because they want to find gold in LA. After that, both Hong Kong and Guangdong worked in sugar plantations in Hawaii for cheap labor. in Hawaii and on the mainland, the Chinese had started as unskilled laborers and many had worked their way up to become small businessmen and were resented and rejected for their advancement and competition. Later on they open grocery store and Laundromat in Hawaii and LA. Chinese communication builds their church, hospitals and school. Also they have good society system (family society, society worker). Chinese immigrants in the 19th century worked as laborers, particularly on the transcontinental railroad, such as the Central Pacific Railroad.

Filipino went to America for replace Chinese labor and Japanese labor. They are all young poor man and have to work in sugar plantation or work in downtown (dish washer, house cleaner, ship cleaner,… ) . The reason leave their country to America is wanted to make money. They work in American army for get green card or America residence. They can’t make money in their home so they have to find another way to make money. In that time, Philippine is under control by American, so they can go to America easier than another country. They don’t have good society system like Chinese, but they have buddy system. That system is help and work together. They don’t have no social system, no wife same Chinese people. The different between Chinese and Filipino are spend money. Both of them work hard, but Filipino play hard than Chinese. They spend all money in club and have fun with their buddy.

At the end, Chinese and Filipino doesn’t have their own wife from their country. Filipino is hard to live in America because they go to wrong place, wrong time, wrong group. Filipino got isolated from American group and Asian group. Another word, no body want to help Filipino , but they word hard and enjoy their live.

2/compare and contract the Chinese and Japanese emigration immigration experience regarding emigration immigration pattern and processes, ethnic community life, and strategies adopted for life in America.

Chinese and Japanese have to work in sugar plantation for cheap worker in Hawaii. They are all young man. Both Chinese and Japanese have some point same and different in emigration immigration experience regarding emigration immigration pattern and processes, ethnic community life and strategies adopted for life in America.

Japanese is on the mainland to stop their purchase of land in California. When they first arrived, the Japanese gained their initial foothold in agriculture by working as agricultural laborers for lower wages than whites, and then acquiring farms by paying more than whites for the land. Once established, it became clear that they were formidable competitors. On farms...
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