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Topics: Roger Federer, US Open, Tennis Pages: 4 (1418 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Andy Murray, British Tennis Godsend, Right? “Yeah only when he is winning!” Murray holding his first grand slam trophy in America

Andrew “Andy” Murray, for 8 years now has been Britain’s shining hope in male tennis. The Scottish born superstar turned professional in 2005 at the tender age of 18. However, before late 2012 he had literally done everything but win a grand slam. He has been 4 times runner up in grand slam finals, more importantly to the British tennis fans a runner up at Wimbledon in 2012. Also he was finally ranked in the top 4 tennis players in the world. He is the most successful British male tennis player since Fred Perry in the 30’s, so why don’t we love him? Maybe it’s his red hair or his weirdly close relationship with his mother or even the fear of the ghost of William Wallace. Murray has never made any secret of his rampant rationalism. So what went wrong? It all started so well. Andy Murray began his tennis career very young. He moved to Barcelona to study at Schiller International School. Meanwhile training on clay courts of the Sanchez-Casal Academy. Murray to this day describes this part of his life as “A big sacrifice”. Murray’s main years as a junior tennis player was in his secondary school years spanning from 11 to 17. His coach at the time Leon Smith described Andy as “Unbelievably competitive”. At the tender age of 12 he won one of his age groups most prestigious events at the Orange Bowl. In 2004 he won the junior US Open. Murray’s highest honour was yet to come when in late 2004 he was presented with the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year for his progression in the sport. In early 2006 the year of the football world cup, the year after 18 year old Andy Murray had become a professional tennis player he was interviewed. The interview was 2 months before Wimbledon and he was under scrutiny as all British hopefuls are. The old, expected questions came up such as “how do you think you will do at Wimbledon?” and...
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