Summary and Opinion About a Sport Article

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  • Published : July 31, 2012
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Summary and opinion
Gisela Lizette Carrillo Lopez
This article is about the defeat of the S. Korean fencer.
When South Korea’s Shin Lam had just advanced to the gold medal the officials had to reset the clock from zero to one second, making that moment the turning point, because Germany’s Britta Heinemann took that moment as a second chance, ending as the winner of the match. Loosing was both embarrassing and agonizing for Shin, in that moment she became the loneliest athlete in the Olympics. She lost the bronze medal match as well. She said that it was a difficult hour because while she was up there she thought in all the time spent in training. Her coach and the author agreed that it was unfair that she lost her gold medal mostly because an official didn’t read a clock properly.

It is entirely understandable that when you train so hard for an elusive Olympic gold but fail at one of the final hurdles, you would be upset - perhaps even inconsolable as the life-long dream turns to dust. I am agreeing when the author says that we don’t tune into the Olympics to watch officials group at a table while athletes scratch their heads or sit and weep. And athletes should not train for years to have their fate determined by officials better fit for the Monty Python Olympics. The best athletes in the world compete in the Olympics. They deserve the best judges as clock as well. I am pretty sure that this is something that people would still talk about because it can be consider like an unfair match even thought it was only a second. The final decision was that Shin had lost the semi-final and was to compete in the bronze medal match (in which she lost).
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