Artists Work from Their Own Experiences

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  • Published : August 1, 2011
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Artists work from their own experiences, imaginings, feelings and psychological experiences

* Jackson Pollock
* Picasso
* Jeff Koons

The personal experiences of the artists consisting of the subjective and psychological happenings create thoughts and imaginings which are all combined to fuel the art-making process. Artists harness their personal and psychological experiences, imaginings and feelings to engender their artwork. Jackson Pollock, Picasso and Jeff Koons are artists that use their experience to form their art. Jackson Pollock led a life of fame and notoriety produced by a life of hardships, hard work and bad habits. He was an American Abstract Expressionist who defied every rule of harmony and good taste in the 1940’s with his aggressive artworks. Pollock as a teenager was expelled from school causing him to enroll himself in the Art Students League; this suggests Pollock as a troubled child emphasizing the aggressive nature of his works. His first influences were artists Diego Rivers and Jose Clemento Orosco due to their scale which can be reflected on his extremely large artworks such as ‘Blue Poles’ (16ft. x 7ft.). The Great Depression led Pollock in entered a workshop of Siquiros to make a living. He was told to experiment, producing an interest with using industrial paints and spray guns. Siquiros introduced Pollock to working directly on canvas and insisted he exploit accidents and spillages in the process; this lasting impression can be seen in most of Pollock’s works. In 1943 he met Peggy Guggenheim who was impressed with the vitality of Pollock’s art organizing an exhibition of his. The great success of the exhibition urged Pollock to experiment further thus he moved away from easel paintings and enlarged the scale of his work. His studies of surrealism and psycho-analysis from his younger days caused an interest in ‘automatic art’ which was a technique that allowed the hand to move haphazardly and liberally over the canvas....
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