Artificial Intelligene

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Artificial intelligence
First, for more than 20 years, computers have been an important part among classmates and children, which made schools and universities more flexible by for example virtual classes online. The major difference between traditional and virtual universities or schools is that all children, students, teachers and knowledge are connected as a bit of information. In the future the process of teaching will take place with no desks and classrooms but through the internet. Computers have been injected as a component in teaching because it can motivate children and be as a teaching aid for teachers. The impact of AI (Artificial intelligence) has played an important role in student’s life. As Coiffet (n.d.) said children easily integrate with the new systems of technology, even without looking the help of how they work. Advantages and inconveniences are recognized. MMI bring transparency between the child and the machine but it may confuse the child about the virtual or reality of a person or object (p.277). A child may seem more familiar with technology than his parents. AI motivate the child by providing easy materials, it give the child an individualized education as well as it offers him instant mistake diagnosis. In addition, Beal and UQ (2007) said that Student’s correlation toward tutoring systems is progressing by using cognitive effort and emotions. Facial expressions, changes in posture and pressure of the hand on the keyboard are some behaviors associated with this correlation (p.111), which has been clearly noticed among students. As well as it helps students, Artificial intelligence helps teachers too. As Rajasingham (2009) said traditional universities bring students and staff on the campus by transportation technologies. Instead, virtual universities join them together by the internet. Just like the internet, other technologies exist (p.387). Additionally it alleviates the teacher of diverse educational tasks. Besides that,...
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