Artifical Intellgence: Brain Chips

Topics: Neurology, Neuroprosthetics, Brain implant Pages: 4 (1681 words) Published: May 20, 2013
When you think about Artificial Intelligence what thought first comes to mind. Robots maybe, would we ever think about Brain Chips being implanted into human brains? Sure, but how will Brain Chips plays a major role medically in are world’s future? In are near future, while we sleep they will transmit data directly from are brain to the computer and not miss a wink of sleep. Computer Interface is only the tip of the iceberg. Brain chips when they are implanted in right shot of the brain will help a person with hearing loss regain their hearing. Artificial Vision such as Retinal Prosthesis or Bionic Eyes well helps the blind to regain the sight that was once lost or never had. Brain Stimulation Systems will help people with Parkinson’s disease to alleviate tremors and movement disorders that are associated with this disease. BSS is also being tested to help the people with paralysis regain the use of their limbs again and it is being tested in people with severe Depression, (OCD) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Tourette syndrome, chronic pain sufferers, and other mental disorders. Bradley Greger, PhD said, “Chips may one day enable brain-native internet browsing or most any other function currently possible with a computer.” Brain-Computer Interface

Will we need a keyboard or mice to input information into are computers in ten or twenty years from now? Cognition Enhancement is in your future and is being researched and tested as we speak. What is Cognition Enhancement and how will it work with Brain-Computer Interface? “Future brain chip implants will allow data to be transmitted directly to the brain while the subject is sleeping, dramatically decreasing the amount of time that is needed to assimilate new data every day without affecting quality of sleep.” (Edit,, 2009, ¶ 1) “Intel’s research lab, scientists have been looking for away to read and use brain waves. For instance, using are brain waves to...
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