Article Review on Human Buyology

Topics: Sense, Perception, Sensory system Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Human BUYology 101
Articles info:
“Human BUYology 101” by Rachel Sullivan. Published in Reader Digest Asia, 2011; 42-49.

The article, Human BUYology 101, argues that consumers tend to make unplanned purchased that cause by the psychological forces. The author tried to highlight what makes people buy. The article has many quotes from the book of BUYology by Martin Lindstrom. It first presents the arguments of those supporting the idea of the effectiveness of logos, product placement and subliminal advertising, the correlation between religion and branding, then the influence of culture and gender divide and lastly, the influence of sense. The first part of the article mainly focuses on the idea that the effectiveness of logos, product placement and subliminal advertising: how those factors can influence people to buy. We are constantly bombarded with subliminal advertising throughout our waking hours. For the most of us, the main source of this is television advertising. It starts with eye-catching logos which could last in our memory maybe like, forever. Then, product placement plays a large part in how easily and effectively subliminal advertising can happen. Besides that, the author of the article highlighted in the article with the opinion expressed by the correlation between religion and branding where shopping is the same way as we practice our religion. Consumers' perception of well-known brands just like their views on the figures associated with religious icons. In short, it can be concluded that this well-known brands can create obsessed within themselves. People want the feel to belong; sense of belonging. The author calls this as religious experience which is related to religious value in impulsive buying behavior among the consumer. The author also discuss about how the culture and gender divide could influence the unplanned purchase of some consumer. Culture may refer to the set of values, ideas, and attitudes that are accepted by a...
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