Subliminal Messages

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The Hidden Messages

I. Introduction
Not all the things showed in advertising or movies are able to see at first appearance. For example: in Nolan’s Batman trilogy is possible to see products or stores of specific brands like Sacks Fifth Avenue, Nokia, Under Armour and many more. Knowing this, it is not very hard to believe that, according to University College London, an average person in United States is exposed to 2 million of advertising impacts in his life, as Science Daily cited. How can it be possible? It is possible through subliminal messages. The term is very famous but not a lot of people know about it, then it will be explained what is it and how it was and is still used in advertising and movies. II. The Hidden Messages

A. The Concept
1. Subliminal messages
The subliminal perception is known as a stimulus that is unconsciously captured by the viewer and can affect his behavior. According to Del Hawkins in his journal “The Effects of subliminal stimulation”, the subliminal perception refers to the registration of a stimulus below the threshold of perception. These types of stimulus are visuals or hearing. 2. Function

Several times, the subliminal perception is used in advertising to provoke the buyer’s consumerism. 3. Uses
The most common techniques are the images camouflages or the hidden text messages in advertising announces, posters, movies, etc. also are used the hearing messages that we cannot capture but the brain register it, and the fast succession of images. Also, there are other kinds of advertising: the associative, where the buyer associates the product with a concept or image; and the product placement, where the announced products hidden in certain scenes, if it is watched carefully, can be detected by the viewer. B. Examples

1. Advertising...
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