Article: People Naturally Walk in Circles

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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People naturally walk in circles
The article ¨People naturally walk in circles¨ by Emily Sohn, represents an important research when trying to completely understand human behavior and specifically, to have an idea of how our brain manages decision making, order of actions, communication and reasoning.

Humans, apparently start walking in circles when we cannot see an external focal point, the moon and the sun represent some examples. In fact, when I first read the article, I was hoping to find a concrete explanation for this problem. However, soon after I knew that so many factors came into play when trying to follow a straight path. When trying to associate these investigations with other aspects of our behavior, I found out that we always find ourselves in need of a sort of a guide in order to fallow a straight line, or in other words, to do what we think is right for our own benefit. Every time we are about to make a decision, we try to find a guide, sometimes this involves getting help from others. Usually, people who get help will most likely make a better decision rather the ones who worked alone without a guide. Personally, I really think this is a big concern, given that there are no answers for such theory. Although I expected to hear from a solution, I found the article very interesting in the end, this represents another big reason why our brain and our anatomy in general is so complicated, therefore studies like this one help us understand ourselves a little bit more, which leads to keep on investigating and learning from it.
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