Article Abstract: Comparison of Revenue Collected from Nba and Nfl

Topics: National Football League, National Basketball Association, Broadcasting Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Article abstract
Article Abstract
Whether the amount of revenue that televisions get from broadcasts is proportional to the suboptimal viewership that they are given, is the topic to be addressed. This is attributed to poor choice of hours to air the games making the fans miss their games. There is a discrepancy in the hours of airing the games as compared to the paid for airtime as agreed upon in the contracts. In comparison to the National Basketball Association (NBA) The National Football League, the revenue collected from the game even before the sale of products such as tickets and T-shirts has been factored. Therefore bearing in mind the large number of followers of this game it is thus important for the important leagues whether regional or national to be aired. There should not be cases of fans missing their games. If this were to occur, it will lead to a major drop in viewership and bearing in mind the amount of money involved this will not make economic sense.Empirical method was used as the method of research, which emphasis on observations. There are also deliberate look into the role of fans in the analysis of the game. Fans play a major role in the game and are at times referred to as the “12th players” in football. There has been a deliberate neglect in the role they play over a long time. There is a need to involve the fan. Although a number of issues have to be evaluated, little mention of issues to do with viewer has been done. It is clear that the findings give a relationship between some ratings and the sports while others may or may not relate viewership with ratings.
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