Art Paper (Research Project)

Topics: William Shakespeare, Auckland, The Nightmare Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Heist 1
Sam Heist
Ms. Stephens
English III Honors
April 26, 2013
Part Two: Art Selection
For my art selection, I chose an ink wash entitled “Mrs. Fuseli Sleeping.” In this particular piece, using pen and brown ink, with grey, blue and pink washes, (Auckland Art Gallery) he has depicted his lovely wife Sophie lounging with a large hat – as that was the fashion of that time – sleeping soundly, unbeknownst of her husband capturing the moment.   Henry Fuseli began his life studying theology, in the hopes to become a priest, though the discovery of the, then, newly uncovered ruins in Italy, and his own discovery of Michelangelo led him to begin painting in the style of the Romantic, centered around the Gothic, the realm of one’s dreaming, and the nightmarish. Many of his works were also inspired by William Shakespeare, his plays, and his characters. There is even one particular painting depicting Shakespeare in infant form, lying in a woman’s arms, with two characters, one showing tragedy, the other comedy, standing on either side of him. (ArtMagik) I really like this piece of art shown here, because it shows the simplicity of love, to me. Henry did many, many portraits of his wife, his admiration apparent for her in each one. I’m a romantic at heart, so things like this, like a man from an age where there was so much to express, chose to focus on the love of his life, makes me feel good inside. Works cited

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"Henry Fuseli Mrs. Fuseli Sleeping." Auckland Art Gallery . Regional Facilities Auckland. Web. 26 Apr 2013.
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