Audrey Flack Biography

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Audrey Flack

Jessica Sabeur

Professor Mariscal

Art 3 T/Th 8:00AM

Jessica Sabeur
April 20, 2011
Art 3 T/Th 8AM

Audrey Flack

Those with the gift of being a magnificent artist are very unique. Not many people have such special talents that get them so far in life. However, out of the ones that do, they are well admired by others for their work and their talents. One such extremely marvelous artist is Audrey Flack. I strongly admire her work as she has created new fascinating different ways of portraying art. “Not content to merely copy the world as we see it, Audrey Flack has used her obvious technical skills in the service of art, replete with symbols, which comments, on the transitory nature of life and favors the search for spiritual harmony” (B.F.). These are the words of Thalia Gouma-Peterson who wrote a book on Audrey Flack and studied her work in detail. Audrey Flack is a very influential artist and had a huge impact on the world of art as we know it. Audrey was born in 1931 in New York City where she was raised and attended school. As a young child she loved to paint and frequently practiced this special talent of drawing and painting while she was supposed to be doing her homework. Luckily she was able to formally practice her talents at the most impressive art schools on the east coast. Although her parents weren’t completely in favor of her being an artist, they allowed her to follow her dreams and she was still able to pursue her career. She initially attended a high school with a big program of music and art. Then when she went off to college she went to Cooper Union, which is a fabulous art school. She graduated from there in 1951 and went on to Yale University to receive her bachelors of Fine Arts. After receiving her bachelors, she transferred back to Cooper Union to receive her Honorary Doctorate in 1977 (B.F). During this time she found the time to get married and happily have two daughters. She was able to manage her family and work at the same time and this helped her more with her ideas and perspectives on her paintings. Audrey, who identified herself as an abstract expressionist, found herself being treated differently since she was a woman, and she wasn’t taken seriously for her work. This initiated her emphasis on symbolism. From this point on, she got this absolute drive towards wanting to begin painting realistically. She believed that the best way to understand art was through the masses of the people. She focused her work mainly on feminism, something she was proud of and she believed people would understand her more as an individual this way (American 1931). According to Flack, "I always wanted to draw realistically. For me, art is a continuous discovery into reality, an exploration of visual data which has been going on for centuries, each artist contributing to the next generation's advancement. I wanted to go a step further and extend the boundaries. I also believe people have a deep need to understand their world and that art clarifies reality for them," (B.F.). She not only wanted people to understand her as an individual, but she tried to make her work universal so that everyone had a chance to relate and comprehend her work in their own way. Audrey was one of the first artists to refer to photographs while painting. Although it wasn’t considered acceptable for paintings to look like photos, she still imitated the colors and appearance of the pictures, in a unique way. At the time she started doing this, there weren’t color photographs, so when she put color onto the painting identical to the photograph, it brought a whole new meaning to the painting. The way she did this was by projecting a photo onto her canvas and from there copied it onto her canvas (America 1931). The fact that she took upon this way of creating art, set it apart from all her other paintings. She began this new technique by taking photographs out of documentary news, specifically...
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