Art on Japanese Art History

Topics: Art, Central Park, Yellow Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Kevin Foy
Professor Marbach
Art 101-001
February 22, 2010
1a.)Japan used blue because they are a country that has a wet climate and very green grass. California used yellow because their climate is very hot and sunny. It is always bright out there. According to the artists, the gates in central park are saffron which I believe are that color because it’s a major color you see everyday in the city., Some examples were construction worker vests and the most important on was the color of taxicabs that empower the city streets. 2.)I feel that every artwork is valid because theres no bad art. Art is something people create in their image and what they are thinking at the time. The Umbrellas and The Gates are a valid piece of artwork especially because of the time that was spent putting this masterpiece together. The artists went through all the necessary steps to allowing them to create this piece and this piece generated a great amount of money also. Picasso

1.)In the creation of Picasso’s Women of Avignon, he began adding styles from the Egyptians,the Greeks and the Cazenne’s geometric art which was showed when he began to draw his figures in all different shapes. What this meant was that Picasso was really into his study of foreign art and his usage of this foreign art. 2.)I feel that this is a great piece of artwork and a very revolutionary piece of art. I like when great artists such as Picasso use such a variety of styles of art around the world in his own expression because I can then see artwork from around the world without going to each of this countries. I feel like because of what Picasso did, now other artists will start to incorporate foreign styles in their art, which they should. I would also like to see how those artists take in the foreign styles and how they would express it in their work.
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