Art Research - Shinji Turner-Yamamoto

Topics: Nature, Ecology, Natural environment Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Shinji Turner-Yamamoto

Japanese artist, Shinji Turner-Yamamoto is conceptually one of the major influences on my body of work. Since 2000, Shinji Turner-Yamamoto has been creating jaw-dropping installations for his Global Tree Project. The Global Tree Project is an international art initiative that seeks to open and affirm connection between audiences and the natural world.

The artist has influenced my idea as his Global Tree Project works with identifiable imagery to encourage humanity to encounter aspects of nature in new and unexpected ways, and therein to discover commonality and connection. He is committed to using historic and natural elements in his work as meditations on the environment. His projects explore a poetic reunion with nature, making visible bonds and similarities between plant life and humanity, emphasizing ecological wisdom and the interconnectedness of all life. His works illuminate our mutual destiny and the precarious beauty of this relationship.

“In that moment, the Global Tree Project clicked into place. I saw a thread running through all my work, one that reopens our connection with trees, and showing the interconnectedness of all life.” – Shinji Turner-Yamamoto

Turner-Yamamoto’s idea of commonality and connection, as well as the idea of making visible bonds and similarities between plant life and humanity to highlight the interconnectedness of all life, inspired me to find connections between humans and trees in my body of work. By depicting these connections I too wish to emphasize the interconnectedness of all life, and I believe in by doing so I can raise awareness on the harmful impacts of humans on the environment and thus can cause an audience to reflect and reconsider their actions towards the environment.
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