Art of Film Western Review

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In the movies, “Shane” and “Pale Rider”, the main characters Shane and Preacher are both loyal and courageous. They both fight for the good of the farmers and miners of the town. The similarities of Shane and Preacher are seen numerous times throughout the movie, starting with them each riding in on horseback. Both men are strangers to the townsfolk and the families but quickly become enmeshed in the Starrett and Hull families fighting for the greater good. Shane and Preacher are different than the average western hero in the fact that neither enjoys fighting or shooting but both will do so if necessary and are pretty good at it.

The first scene in “Shane” that we see the beginnings of a pact between Joe and Shane are when Shane sees the stump that Joe has been trying to topple. Shane picks up the ax and begins to chip away at the stump in an effort to help Joe remove it. Before long, Joe is also chipping away at it and the men are shown smiling at each other in camaraderie. This scene foreshadows the men working together to keep the farmers lands and keep Ryker from gaining it. It also begins the loyalty between Joe and Shane, and the admiration of Joey. In “Pale Rider”, Preacher is shown from far off at first when Megan prays for help. Then, the scene that begins to show the relationship starting between Preacher and the Hull’s is when LaHood’s men attempt to burn the wagon full of the Hull’s purchases. Preacher throws a bucket of water on McGill and stands up to the men in a way that no one has seen before. The music at this scene in the movie has a sense of action and foreboding. This scene also shows the ease with which Preacher defends himself. Both Shane and Preacher are easily drawn in to the fight between the miners and farmers and the landowners, La Hood and Ryker. This is exhibited when the pig farmers meet and Shane is counted as one of the men so the farmers aren’t outnumbered, it is also shown when Shane and Joe fight Chris and the Ryker’s in...
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