Topics: Art Nouveau, Victor Horta, Arts and Crafts Movement Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The first attempts to fo create Art Noveau were made in 1861 by William Morris and his other artists, that founded the Arts and Crafts Movement. It was a kind of reaction to mid- 19th century artistic styles. These artists wanted the objects of beauty to be handmade, but they didn’t succeeded. It was too expensive for the majority of people. But magazines and exhibitions used their ideas and it made a platform for the birth of Art Noveau. This style was richly ornamental with a lot of curves and natural forms. Painters, illustrators, jewellery masters shared with their ideas, to make decorative elements more interesting. The objects of Art Noveau were rich with floral patterns, ornaments and even erotic nature alike feminine figure in light dresses. Art Noveau was filled with asymmetry and space. Some artists consider that it also gave birth to such genres as posters for example. Inspired by the ideas of William Morris, an architect from Belgia Victor Holta, began to make a plan of the first Art Novea style house : la Maison Tassel, which was opened then as a showroom for the new art by a collector Siegfried Bing. But it was only the beginning. Attention to this style was brought during the World Exhibition in Paris that took Place in 1900.Then the popularity grew faster at the beginning of new century. Art Noveau became highly popular in Western Europe. It widely developed in provincial cities, because it was easier to use it then in the capitals. The diversity of Art Noveau buildings was great . They were different in size, style and destination. It could be palace or department store or just little town house or school. But they all contained the trades of Art Noveau. But then with the beginning of the first World War the development of Art Noveau stopped. The world and its mentality had changed. The sensuality of Art Noveau changed with Art Deco and Bauhaus- new styles that were more rational. Many European cities took part in explosion of Art Noveau,...
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