Titian vs Manet

Topics: History of painting, Western painting, Painting Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Classic art and modern art, although are next to each other chronologically, are very different from each other. These differences can be seen through several art elements such as colour palette, the use of space, texture, composition and layers. The examples of these differences will be compared by “Venus with a Mirror” by Titian, 1555 as a Classic art and “Monet painting in his floating studio” by Edouard Manet in 1874 as an example of modern art. Firstly, the most visible difference of all between the two paintings is the artist's colour palette which in “Venus with a Mirror”, Titian's usage of colour is quite dull and he uses largely a grey/black tone making the painting look quite mysterious and somehow, sacred. Furthermore, the earth toned background makes “Venus” the emphasis of the painting, which correspond with the movement Titian is in because it is largely centered with the gods, goddesses and myths. Notice that all the colours used in this painting are very realistic, such that painting what the artist is really seeing without any exaggeration. In contrast, the painting by Manet has a bright colour palette by using cool tone colours such as shades of blue and green mixed to depict the sky, the earth and the boat. Also, there are dabs of white and red here and there which we cannot see on Titian's painting. The usage of cool colours here makes the painting looks brighter, visually, and as an emotion, lively and energetic. This is an indicator of the painting in the modern movement as it is conveying more of the artist's emotion at the current moment. Moreover, the level of texture between these two paintings differ. In “Venus with a Mirror”, we can see that it is quite flat and smooth by the eye. The audience could not experience the texture because the brushstrokes are hidden which is intentional of the artist to make everything perfect. While “Monet painting in his floating studio” is the opposite by showing the small...
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