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Topics: Force, Color theory, Visual arts Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: April 2, 2011
* Name the principles of design.
* Describe and define each of the principles of design.
* Discuss how color may affect balance in a work of art. * Discuss the use of the principles of design when describing a work of art.

1.The principles of design are unity and variety, balance, emphasis and subordination, directional forces, contrast, repetition and rhythm, and scale and proportion.

Unity-is the appearance or condition of oneness.
Variety-provides diversity and acts to counter unity.
Balance-is the achievement of equilibrium, in which acting influences are held in check by opposing forces. Emphasis -is used to draw our attention to an area or areas. Subordination-an artist creates neutral areas of lesser interest that can keep us from being distracted from areas of emphasis. Directional forces-are paths for the eye to follow provided by actual or implied lines. Contrast-is the juxtaposition of strongly dissimilar elements. Repetition- gives a composition unity, continuity, flow, and emphasis. Rhythm-is created through the regular recurrence of elements with related variations. Scale-is the size relation of one thing to another.

Proportion-is the size relationship if parts to a whole.

3. Color may effect balance in a work of art as discussed warm colors are heavier than cool colors, warm colors tend to advance toward the viewer, and intense colors are heavier than weak or pale colors. A large form is heavier, more attractive, or more attention getting than a small form.

4.When describing a work of art the principles of design provide an understanding of how artists work and also how design affects us. It organizes visual elements and the product of that process.
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