Jewellery Designing- Sources of Inspiration

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How to design Jewellery :
Source of Inspiration:-

Jewelelry designing is an art of personal ornamentation. It is the study of arranging materials and objects for adornment of men & women. Designing involves skill, creativity, & originality with an ability to visualize ideas observing, recording and analyzing from things around us. So whenever we design any piece of jewellery we need some inspiration that comes in mind through some sources. Design is a highly influenced by source of inspiration. what we see, feel, hear greatly influences are creativity & expression. By a large, the visual information obtained influences a design the most.

These major design sources are around us in abundance which can inspire one self to design jewellery: I Natural sources:
These includes all god gifted nature, varieties of flora, fauna, insects, birds, animals, shells, trees & other forms of life. One can either duplicate or create abstracts. Abstraction consist of using part and piece of orginal froms and combining forms or altering them to create a new form. Nature is an endless ocean of ideas. Observation & expression influenced by nature can result in interesting new forms & ideas. Natural sources are widely used in entire world. An expertly crafted piece of jewellery can capture forever the life-like qualities of an animal on the run, a bird in flight, blooming flowers, butterflies, insects or fish. Such jewellery remains a perennial favourite, never seeming to go out of style. [pic] [pic]

II. Man Made Sources :
These are innumerable things created by man. Drawing can be done by using ideas or motif from...
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