Art Essay 2

Topics: Sculpture, Site-specific art, Contemporary art Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: March 14, 2012
‘What I like so much about contemporary art now is its ambiguity, its uncertainty. It is precisely this quality that engages and unsettles us’ – Benjamin Genocchio, art critic. How does this view challenge traditional ideas about art? Discuss particular works such as installations, happenings and site-specific works.

Audiences make pretentious judgements on artworks due to their ambiguity and uncertainty. However, traditionally site-specific art was created to exist in a specific place, rather than to be provocative, like it can be in the present zeitgeist. Traditionally art was seen as objective, put now it has become more subjective and adds a layer of depth for the audience to question. > invite the audience in < Traditional artworks such as ... now art makes the audience question the artwork through the use of the ambiguity evoked in the artwork.

All of these artists show different approaches to their practice. Artist 1 concertrates on creating ambiguity and uncertainty through ... Artist 2 is ... Artist 3 is...

During traditional times, art towards the viewer was often seen as something objective, but during this zeitgeist art has become relatively subjective.

Traditional site specific art is created to exist in a specific place. The artist must keep in mind the audience, environment and the location in which the artwork is situated. Many artists deal with issues that concern society by using their site specific works to challenge the audience to decode their artworks. These places will have significance in the artwork as they are purpose-built works. Although now, the purpose of site specific art has changed over time the same principles are still in place. Traditional site specific works were generally commissioned large urban sites and were statues and sculptures that were meant to bring pride and honour to their home towns. The context of site specific work has changed over time and outdoor site-specific art can include landscaping in...
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