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Topics: Expressionism, Painting, Georgia O'Keeffe Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: December 17, 2012
The first elegant painting I chose is “Black Iris” dated in 1926, by the Wisconsin born female artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Black Iris is an oil on canvas painting with the dimensions of 91.4 x 75.9 inches. The majority of her paintings are influenced by images of flowers, which is the main theme of the Black Iris painting. With what visually seems like the opening of a flower, the color contrast between light and dark is the standout of this piece. As with a lot of her other paintings, the "Black Iris" is an art piece of a majestically magnified flower to the eye as if the flower was put under a microscope. This is actually a trademark detail in Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings. The technique of magnification somehow increases the importance of a flower and forces the viewer to observe the details of this flower that we might usually overlook. The flower has a graded color scheme that ranged from a deep purple that is almost black on the bottom half of the pedals and a transition to light grayish soft pink on the top half of the painting. With such a high resolution to the flower, the shading is extremely detailed. Another artist I chose is Egon Schiele with his self-portrait dated back to 1911, with what seems like the majority of his paintings that concentrate more on self-portraits. His artwork is dominated by self-portraits because Schiele’s was always concerned about the way he looked to the point of over obsession. The paintings and self-portraits of Egon are a form of Expressionism. In this self-portrait painted with a mixture of pencil and watercolor, the artist makes sure to create a spacious and empty background in order to emphasize and force the viewer to pay attention to Schiele himself. The image of himself seems extremely nonrealistic yet emotional, his distorted facial structure portraying a dark view of humanity. The two artists chosen by me shows a tremendous contrast in mood between Georgia O’ Keefe’s art pieces that revolve around beauty and...
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